Monday, August 27, 2012

Well I wasn’t done playing yet…  It’s been a while since I broke out the Twinkling H2o’s.  Remember that scare when we thought Luminarte was going out of business?  I bought a bunch of little jars.  I think that was about two years ago.  Then they just sat in a drawer.  I keep telling myself that I want to use them and I finally did.  I started with black cardstock because I didn’t want to have to snip the image out.   Then the bleaching method but the bleached area didn’t get light enough.  This would not have been a problem for most of the h20’s I was only worried that the flesh color would not come out right.  I abandoned the bleached image for now even though it has lots of potential still. 

I embossed the image again in black on white cardstock.  I like embossing my image when working with H2o’s because it helps me stay in the lines and I need all the help I can get with this.  Well I have lots of Halloween dollar stamps to use.  I wonder what I'll come up with next.
Pics taken with HTC Rezound. 
Maybe I should think about setting up a photo booth or something.
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  1. Wow, you colored her in H2Os? She looks great! You've inspired me to try. Thanks.

  2. Thanks again for choosing to post a Stampendous project! We really appreciate it, and you've done such a cute job. We like the bleached version, too..she looks very mysterious! Hope it's ok if we pin your card on Pinterest!

  3. Fabulous job! I love the bleached out version too! You got my mind going now thinking of stamps I have that would be fun to try this technique with!

  4. Oh wow!!! I am so in love with Stamendous Kiddo's. Your first card with the simple black embossing is perfect. I may have to CASE your card for our Stampendous Embossing Techniques challenge this month!!! I can't wait to see more of your work.