Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brrr the water is cold.

An Introduction I Suppose.

Hello to all. My name is Alanna. Friends and family call me Lanna, Lannie and my favorite (truly is) AlannieDawn. It took me hours of trying to be clever and coming up with a name for my blog. I almost called it "Call it What?" or "Slap a name on it!". But in the end, or should I say the beginning, I went with AlannieDawning.

This is my first time blogging. I once started a different blog almost two years ago but the only post I did was an explanation of it being under construction. So it doesn't count and I consider this my first.

I am behind the times with all this Social Media stuff and so I thought I should get my feet wet. Brr the water is cold.

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